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National Park length restrictions

If you do any kind of traveling in your RV, you’ve seen that National campgrounds can be pretty restrictive when it comes to the length of your rig. Over the years we’ve heard from many of our customers who have brought back a new length restriction from their favorite spot, sometimes cutting them just barely out of the limits.

You’ll notice on some of these lengths it says, “combined length”. That means if your truck and trailer reach a combined length longer than your spot, you cannot park inside the park. There are usually other options that will fit your rig but the frustration of finding out too late that you’re too long, can be overwhelming. Outdoors RV shared this awesome list of National campground length requirements to help us plan ahead and we wanted to share this pearl of wisdom with you.

We always say there is a list of necessities you must have when jumping in the truck and heading out for a great weekend with the trailer in tow. This list could be added to the “keep packed” list. Next to the driving log and road maps. And of course, the supplies you leave tucked away in the cabinets of the RV for a rainy night camping. Yeah, we do that to. 😉

So, here you go. Again, thank you to Outdoors RV for helping us with this list. Happy trails!


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