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Family owned and operated for nearly 50 years


Our family has been proudly serving the RV community for almost 50 years. We are proud to announce that RV Sales is currently transitioning to the third generation of being family owned and operated thanks to Ralph and Kathy’s daughter, Valerie and our long-time Service Manager, Kevin Ridenour stepping up to take the helm. For years, Ralph and Kathy have planned to travel in their RV, spending one month in every state. We are thrilled to see Ralph and Kathy begin the adventure of their dreams.

Valerie’s grandfather, Tony always said, “Take care of your customers and they’ll take care of you.” Our family has practiced this philosophy since the beginning and that continues to be our #1 priority. Kathy always joked that the back of our sales contracts are actually adoption papers and each customer becomes part of our extended family when they purchase an RV from us. While the faces may have gotten a little bit younger, our philosophy and commitment to service remains the same.

Our family has always offered the highest quality RVs at the fairest prices.When Peterson Industries closed unexpectedly in 2015, we embarked upon a very thorough search for a new line of RVs. Believe us that is no ordinary task, since Ralph and Kathy were dedicated to Peterson Industries since 1993 and RV Sales has been the #1 Excel dealer since 2001. We have traveled throughout the country trying to find a manufacturer that compared to Peterson Industries when it comes to reputation, quality, strength, insulation, and value.

Our goal was to offer you the highest quality RV, at a fair price, from a manufacturer that we can believe in. We looked for a manufacturer that will be there to stand behind the RVs that they build. We are delighted be representing Northwood Manufacturing’s Arctic Fox full time 5th wheels and travel trailers. Northwood has a long, well respected history of building high quality full-time RVs from the frame up with a True Four Season Coach guarantee. If you still want great quality, but lighter weight take a look at their Fox Mountain.

rvsales-front1And, we’ve been listening to you. We heard you when you said you wanted us to find big and beautiful, with all the bells and whistles but still built with full-timers in mind. You wanted dependable and beautiful and we found it. Forest River is a Bershire Hathaway Company and this division is dedicated to building the Best full-time unit’s available today. We have taken several trade in’s from some of our full timers to upgrade to the Riverstone. And they never looked back!

We also have a full service department as well as a fully stocked parts storeroom. When Excel closed, we purchased a majority of their custom made parts and decals, so if you are looking for something specific, we probably have it or can find it for you. While you are traveling, you can contact us directly or order parts online.

Did you know that we have a campground that our customers can use while they learn how to use their new RV? When you buy from us, we make sure that everything on the RV works, and that you know how to use it before you get on the road.

As we transition into this new era, we are extremely grateful for each of you, and look forward to helping you find and maintain the RV of your dreams!


  • We are dedicated to getting you on the road at the fairest price. We have partnered with Priority One, the nation’s largest financial service company that specializes in RV and commercial equipment loans.  We can take the hassle out of buying your next trailer.

  • Our Award winning service department has been recognized by Excel for developing many of the infield fixes that keep them on the road today. Kevin frequently gives RV maintenance seminars at Annual Rally’s on regular maintenance and repairs.

  • With almost 50 years in the business if we don’t know your answer, we know where to find it. We take pride in our customers because once you buy from RV Sales, you are family to us and we will always treat you that way.

  • We come very highly recommended in the full-timers circle.  We have regular customers that will take the trip out of state to see what we have to offer them.  You don’t have to worry about a sleazy sales guy, it’s just us!


  • We bought our first trailer from RV Sales after months and months of looking. Im so glad we decided to drive out of town a bit to look for a camper. They are the most helpful, most informative and most of all the some of the friendliest people. Not one time did I feel pressured to buy! EVERYONE was amazing but a huge thanks to Alyssa and Valerie!! We love our new I-GO camper and are excited for this summers family adventurers! THANK YOU!Jessie Rae
  • We are so impressed with not only what RV Sales does for it’s customers, but for their outreach to the community. Their 23rd annual trick or treat event which benefits the local food bank is coming up soon. So nice to know people who “walk the walk” not just “talk the talk.”Judy Dumcum
  • The customer service at RV Sales is unbeatable. They were completely honest with us and we always felt like we could really trust them to make sure we were making the right choice in our purchase. Even though we did not buy a new rv, never the less, the people there made sure all was in order before we left with it. A really good experience and we recommend RV Sales highly. We would most definitely go there again.Leslie Casanova


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