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Keeping a traveling log

Should I do that?

We are seeing a great rise in full time RV-living families. With this, we have had lots of questions about should I or shouldn’t I? Should I keep that open? Should I secure that while I’m traveling? Should I turn off the battery when not in use? Should I remember that noise?
Here at RV Sales we are a First-time buyer friendly company. We don’t think any question should be overlooked and we want to make sure your RV living is as smooth as possible. So, we stand behind the idea of keeping a log. I don’t know about you but I have a memory that seems to fail me at times, call it age, call it a brain too full of great idea’s, call it whatever you want but it’s the hard truth that I just don’t remember everything I should. So, especially in the first few years of living in your RV or even just traveling in it, it’s a GREAT idea to keep a log. When it comes to servicing your rig you’ll thank me, and to be honest so will your service tech. Because although that noise you heard only one time seemed like a fluke and probably minor, that noise could tell a whole lot about what your RV is trying to say. But, not just on the servicing side, you’ll need to remember how that part went together, or when to dump that, or simply where to stop next?
When traveling from California back to New Mexico for the first time my family needed to stop for some gas, we found the next available station in a cute little town somewhere inside the Mojave desert, we didn’t know that at that particular gas station gas would be at least $3.00 more a gallon because we were so far away from ANYTHING else! So, this is a great example of why writing it down makes so much sense. You make sure to catch the gas station before heading into nothing and paying out the wazoo…

So, are you new to the RV scene? Pick up a log book or a notepad that can easily be accessible to your driver and/or Co-pilot. You’ll find remembering the small stuff isn’t so hard anymore.

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Happy Travel’s, Friends!

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