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Excel launches new roofing system with Lifetime Warranty

Peterson Industries, manufacturer of Excel 5th wheels, recently announced that they are partnering with RV Armor, Inc. to be the exclusive manufacturer to offer the RV Armor® “Lifetime” roof on new RVs.

Excel’s President, Bryan Tillett, first met RV Armor President, Lee Thaxton at the PRVCA show in Hershey, PA. in September.  “At first we were reluctant to offer a new roof that promised to be the next “miracle roof” explained Tillett.  “But after meeting Lee and seeing the product being applied first hand, I was convinced RV consumers need a maintenance free roof like this.”

The optional RV Armor® “Lifetime” roof will come with a lifetime warranty, provided by RV Armor, Inc.  If the roof should fail, or a water leak occur, RV Armor will not only warranty it, including material and labor, they will come to the customer’s location to do the work.  What’s more, the warranty follows the VIN # of the coach, not the owner.

The RV Armor® “Lifetime” roof is available now on all new Excel 5th wheels.  For more information on the RV Armor® ”Lifetime” roofsystem, click here.

Want to find out more about the new roofing system? Contact Valerie or Clayton today to learn more.

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