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Dangers of not hitching your trailer properly.

Have you seen the video by Inside Edition about improperly hooking up your trailer? They warn to “Beware” and after watching their video it became evident that maybe our followers need a heads up on the dangers as well. While driving a trailer can be scary and for the first time tower, if you don’t understand the dynamics of towing it can be dangerous, but if you’re cautious and vigilant in your towing set up, it doesn’t have to be so dangerous.

Travel trailers are much safer if you tow with a Sway Control-Equalizer hitch that is set up properly. We always recommend an equalizer hitch, in fact if you’re purchasing your set up through us we won’t set it up without one. It’s an extra expense right up front, usually between $500-$800 but it can save your life and the life of those on the road around you.

Another thing to remember when towing a travel trailer, if your trailer has brakes use them. Reach down and activate the brake controller for your trailer and it will bring you back from a wobble. It does that because the truck is going straight forward and the trailer is braking at the same time so it forces the RV to get back behind the truck.

Check out the video from Inside Edition and call us if you have any questions. We want you to be safe and informed!

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