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Changing your RV tires

When should I do it?

How often should I change the tires on my RV?

Well, it’s a great question because some of us don’t use our RV as much as our regular vehicles. So, if it’s just sitting why should I change the tires? Here’s our answer to that. The suggestion from the Manufacturers is that after five years the RV trailer tires should be replaced regardless of the tire appearance or tread depth. You really get about three to five years on your trailer tires, after three years, regardless of how much you use it, one third of the tires life is already gone.
Because we don’t have a magic ball to predict the future, being safe is much better than being sorry. Trailer tires just don’t last like a regular car tire and although it may be a bit expensive to replace your tires, it’s much more expensive to replace a part of your trailer due to a blow-out and worse, who wants to postpone your vacation because of delaying the tire purchase.

So, if you see cracks or bubbles in your tire STOP! Do not take the chance! But if your tires look good and you feel safe, take some time to remember when you bought them and if it’s been close to 5 years, get them replaced.

Happy Trails!

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