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Are you ready for spring and summer camping?

Jack Yenne, Customer Service Manager at Peterson Industries, encourages everyone to check your cooling/heating, refrigeration and LP systems before heading out for summer camping trips.

Obstructions around the cooling fan on the roof can bring your fun to a halt, so be sure a neighborhood bird family hasn’t nested in the wrong place. Also, check to be sure the cooling fins are not dented or plugged with foreign material. Dents can be combed out if they aren’t severe, and fins can be blown or washed out.

The same principle applies to your refrigerator and furnace. Bird and spider nests in and around the burner tubes keep the system from igniting or burning properly. And don’t forget the water system. Pump filters and faucet strainer screens need to be cleaned regularly.

A little maintenance goes a long way toward keeping you from dealing with problems when you should be enjoying the summer. If you haven’t already gotten your rig ready to hit the road yet, call RV Sales and make an appointment today. Kevin and Clayton will be happy to help you get on the road.

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