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2013 Models Undergo Many Improvements

Peterson Industries has never been a company who rests on it’s laurels.  Why be content with the past when there are so many opportunities for innovation?   Each model year brings many improvements and 2013 is no exception!  

Being a small company can be a blessing and a curse.  On the one hand, we have the ability to make improvements on the “fly”, keeping our product fresh and current.  On the other, many of our ideas must be “phased in” because of our inability to use up inventory quickly, either on our floor or product dedicated to us at our vendors, thus causing many of our design ideas to not be implemented at the exact beginning of a model year.

Among the many improvements you will see in the 2013 models as they are phased in are:

  • Taller Slide-outs.  We have raised our slide rooms from 6′ to 6′ – 6″.  What an improvement that made!  Not only does this keep those of us who are less vertically challenged from hitting our heads, the taller rooms make the coach feel so much bigger inside. This change eliminated the ceiling fan, but what a great trade-off!  You will also notice greater storage as a result.  For example, now there is storage above the refrigerator and the microwave as well as taller storage in the overhead cabinets.
  • A new, lighter color of solid surface counter tops.  Our new counter tops add an element of elegance to your home.
  • We traded the wrap-around GKE counters for an island counter and a huge pantry with sliding drawers.  In the future we will be
    adding a 110 volt outlet inside the
  • pantry so one pull-out drawer can be used for appliances such as a coffee pot or toaster.
  • Standard 55″ LCD TV in the front entertainment center of the FLE (Front Livingroom) model.
  • Most floorplans are available with any of 4 optional bathrooms.  This allows maximum flexibility if you choose to design a home that is perfect for you.
  • Queen bedroom slide-out is now wider to allow greater ease when making the bed.
  • Winslow models now feature beautiful optional full body paint
  • If you prefer the more refined, upscale interior decor, you’ll love our new Glazed Maple interior.
  • Large 30″ x 48″ fiberglass seat shower available
  • Limited Edition models will feature real hand scraped hickory flooring standard in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Nearly all models are now available in either Winslow Model or Limited Edition.

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