OWNER & Service Manager
Office: 505-832-6114
Mobile: 505-832-2400

Kevin has worked at RV Sales has been Ralph’s right hand man for years. Kevin has stepped into the Service Manager role as Ralph started to retire. Kevin is a determined technician who is always trying to learn more and provide the best customer service, and he has earned the nickname ‘Google,’ because, whatever the question is about an RV, Kevin probably knows the answer. We have never seen someone who is as hard working or dedicated to learning his career than Kevin.  Kevin is a very dedicated dad who would make anyone proud.  In his spare time, when he isn’t spending time with Valerie and his daughter, Emily. Kevin enjoys working on computers, motorcycles and old cars.  His favorite thing about working at RV Sales is the people that he works with.  We’ve been trying to find a few good service techs, so please be patient if it is hard to get on Kevin’s schedule right now.  If you know of anyone willing to work, we are always looking for good talent.