Kathy Chowning


Kathy was raised in the RV business, working for her parents, Tony and Mildred Nanneman from 1971 until she and Ralph opened RV Sales in 1982 and relocated to Moriarty in 1988. Kathy has always believed that the best part of selling RVs is that most of the time our customers become great friends–sometimes more like family! RVers are typically happy and friendly people, and helping them never feels like work. Ralph is known for being able to fix nearly anything and it was through their hard work and dedication that we are able to serve our customers today.  Ralph and Kathy officially passed the business along to the next generation and are living their dream of traveling around the country.  Ralph’s goal is to spend at least one month in every state.  Ralph and Kathy still play an active role as advisers, and our chief marketing officers when they are traveling from campground to campground.